Documents for Business License in Indonesia

Documents for Business License in Indonesia
Documents for Business License in Indonesia

Every time you want to invest your equity to the other countries, you should ensure you have known about everything what you need to build the business in the chosen country.

Let’s say you want to build a business in Indonesia, it means you should know about what kind of documents you should need for building up the business there.

One of the documents you should have for your business is the business license in Indonesia. Before you are registering your business to the government office, you should know first about the required documents you should have.

For making the business license in Indonesia, the require documents you should have are organizational structure of your business, list of your industrial and office equipment, your location permit and nuisance act permit, your copy of passport of KITAS and ID card, the copy of your rental or contract of business certificate and premises from the owner of building, copy of your business TDP, NPWP, and domicile, copy of your company amendments and establishment, and the copy of permit approval for your investments. You should have those requirement documents if you want to register your company to get the business license.

If you really want to register your business legally, to provide those required documents are easy way for you. Well, this kind of license will help you well to get another license which can help you in doing your business activities legally.

An example, if you want to import something from the other countries, you need this kind of license to proof that your business is legal and all your activities will not disturb with the legality things.

Thus, if you really want to help your business and run your business activities in legal way, you should register your business to the government office and get this business license in Indonesia.